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ASHEBORO, N.C. — Annie and Wylie just joined the herd at the NC Zoo.

The little bison are just a year and a half old and have quickly changed the pace of the prairie.

“They’ve changed it almost completely. They are little balls of energy. They run around everywhere…pretty sure their only speed is just fast,” said zookeeper Curtis Malott.

He says the four other bison have had to adjust to all the new energy.

“They are huffing and puffing just like people do when they are running, especially the middle age ladies who haven’t been running for years, and now they are trying to keep up with these young things, and they just can’t,” Malott said.

The zoo brought in the new bison because the herd has gotten older.

Two 22-year-olds live at the NC Zoo along with an 11 and 13 year old.

They are all girl plus Malott says the new bison could potentially produce calves in the future.

“Bringing in the young ones is really good for the herd in general,” Malott said.

But not all the animals on the prairie think so.

“The elk don’t particularly like them. It seems like the two new bison love to chase them,” Malott said.

It does make it fun for guests to watch all the action at the zoo, though.

“They are putting on a show out here, so we tend to see a lot more crowds out here watching them because they are out here running all the time,” Malott said.

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