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Mark Robinson had been active in his community for more than 20 years when he approached the microphone at a city council meeting in April of 2018 — but everything changed after that night.

“I had about 15,000 social media followers before that city council speech,” Robinson said. “After that speech, a lot of opportunities opened up for me.”

He said it was spontaneous — he hadn’t gone to the meeting planning to speak — but he said as he sat there listening, he couldn’t believe no one was standing up and saying something. That night, he passionately spoke about what he called, “the majority,” people who were law-abiding citizens who, he felt, were being blamed for the problems of the City of Greensboro, where he grew up and still lives, and that criminals were being made out to be victims.

As an African American man, he says he is well aware that racism still exists in some corners but that as he runs for lieutenant governor, he doesn’t see the racial justice issues as ones that would dominate his agenda.

“When people have issues, as an elected official, the number one thing that I have to do is listen to that issue, examine that issue to see if we have a problem, seek to correct it, that’s number one,” Robinson said. “But to say that this nation as a whole, this state as a whole, this city as a whole is systemically racist, it’s just blatantly false.”

He has traveled the state, spreading the message of what he calls, “common-sense conservatism,” and he says it’s been well-received.

“We see some pretty strong support from nontraditional Republicans and non-Republican voters. It’s going to be an uphill battle to spread that message far and wide but I believe that we can,” Robinson said.

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