Political profile: Laura Pichardo is running for congress in NC's newly-drawn 6th congressional district

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Laura Pichardo is not an immigrant herself, but her parents emigrated from Mexico, and that experience left her with strong views on the subject.

She is running for congress in North Carolina’s newly-drawn 6th congressional district.

“My dad received amnesty under Ronald Reagan,” Pichardo said.

her website states she wants to find a way for those who are here but not citizens to resolve their situation, but she believes they can and should pay a $10,000 fee for the privilege.

“They pay that fee to the coyotes when they’re being smuggled into the country, so that is not a valid excuse,” Pichardo said.

As a global transaction accounts payable analyst for Hanes Brands in Winston-Salem, Pichardo believes she has knowledge on trade and finance.

When it comes to solving the violence the permeates some of the communities in the 6th district, she says, “We need to have more mentorship programs. It’s that some people don’t have a mentor in their life to help guide them through their early ages of adulthood, so they’re making rash decisions instead of thinking things through.”

She also is not in favor of what she sees as the one-size-fits-all solution of the Affordable Care Act.

“My thoughts on healthcare is to remove the deductible,” Pichardo said. “We should just pay a percentage instead of paying this (in some cases) $1,000 deductible. Because a person that doesn’t get sick on a regular basis, this would be a huge, out-of-pocket expense for them. It’s not the government’s direct responsibility to maintain a healthcare plan.”

She credits President Trump’s tax cuts with doing good things for the economy but wants to save some infrastructure for the rainy days.

“We have the opportunity to reduce government spending now while the economy is good so that when there is a downturn in the economy, we can expand and create these jobs like infrastructure on the roads,” Pichardo said.

Meet Republican Laura Pichardo in this edition of the Buckley Report’s “Your Local Election Headquarters.”

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