North Carolina’s 5th congressional district race: Virginia Foxx vs. DD Adams

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Even if you don’t live in North Carolina’s 5th District, your life has probably been affected by decisions made by Republican Congresswoman Virginia Foxx. On Nov. 6, Foxx’s seat will be challenged by newcomer Democratic candidate Denise “DD” Adams.

Foxx, currently chairwoman on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, is a member of the House of Representatives class of 2004.

“We’re a center-right country, and we’re definitely a center-right state,” Foxx said in an interview with FOX8 Monday afternoon.

Although she’s going on her 14th year, Foxx says she’s particularly happy with what’s been accomplished in recent years.

“The president says, ‘If you vote for those other folks, then that’s an indication that you’re tired of winning.’ Well, I am happy with our winning, particularly in the last two years and I want to keep winning more,” she said.

Foxx, running on a platform of “The People of the Fifth First,” continues to strive to reduce the role of government in peoples’ lives.

“I work hard for the people I represent, and not just the people of the 5th district – they’re my number one priority – but I also represent the people in North Carolina and people all over the country,” Foxx said. “My votes generally have national implications.”

In her conversations with constituents, Foxx says people are happy to see the economy growing and with tax cuts. Yet, she adds they’re still concerned with health care costs.

“The whole purpose of what we’re doing is to provide a marketplace for health insurance and health care,” she added.

Foxx says she intends to reduce rules and regulations to keep the economy growing.

“I’m just doing my job every day and hoping that the people of the district will know that,” she said. “I believe they do know that.”

Foxx also emphasized a need for increased national security.

“I think we definitely need to build the wall and provide more security on our borders,” she detailed.

Foxx says her energy level is just as high as it was when she first went to Washington.

“I’m at work by 7:30 [a.m.] and I don’t leave the office before midnight,” she said.

Also with high energy, DD Adams says she’s been spending 30 percent of her time in Forsyth County and 70 percent in others.

“Point to something she has done that has impacted and affected your quality of life,” Adams said, of Foxx. “Over 14 years.”

Adams has served as council member for Winston-Salem’s North Ward since 2009, currently service as vice chair of the Finance Committee and the Community Development/Housing/General Government Committee.

“I won’t stop, can’t stop, until 7:30 [p.m.] November the 6th,” Adams said.

Adams agrees that health care is a major concern for the people of the 5th district.

“You’ve got people that’s gotta drive 70, 80 miles to get to health care,” she said.

Adams also emphasized the need for education reform, from pre-K to higher education.

“This is America. Everybody deserves the same chance and the same great start,” Adams said.

She tells FOX8 she believes pre-K should be free, as well as community college.

“I believe public colleges and universities should be affordable, if not free,” she added.

Adams also looks to raise the minimum wage to match inflation and help small businesses grow.

“Just like how we gave that tax cut, we can roll some of that back and give some of that money back to the infrastructure and the people of this country as well as the people of the 5th district,” Adams said.

Adams says if you want to see her support, regardless of party lines, all you have to do is look out her front window.

“I’ve got Republicans on my street that’s got signs in their yard,” she said.

Adams also encouraged everyone to get out to vote on Nov. 6.

“If only 30 percent of the people are voting, those are the 30 percent voices in the room to determine what your life is about,” she said.

The voter registration deadline for the Nov. 6 general election if Oct. 12. You can also register and vote at the same time during the 17-day early voting period before each election.

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