GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — People who live in Greensboro will have to wait another week to find out who their next mayor will be.

Polling numbers show incumbent Nancy Vaughan winning by just over 400 votes.

With an unknown number of provisional and absentee ballots still to count, challenger Justin Outling believes he still has a chance to be the mayor of Greensboro.

“Someone who casts an absentee ballot is just as entitled to have their voice heard as someone at a polling site,” Outling said.

Outling’s campaign has not conceded. He tells FOX8 he won’t until poll workers count all ballots and the state certifies the results on Aug. 5.

Right now, the two candidates are separated by only 1.3%. If the provisional and absentee ballots fall in Outling’s favor, that could push him into the 1% threshold, and he would be able to request a recount.

Outling tells FOX8 that depending on the numbers, he might request a recount but does not see any need to challenge the results any further.

Vaughan celebrated what she believes is a win Tuesday night and says she’s ready to get started on her next term.

“I’m just pleased to have won no matter what the margin of victory is,” Vaughan said.

Outling feels the write-in candidates did take away from his campaign but shows people are ready for a change in the status quo.

“It’s really…a signal of our community recognizing its vast potential, and that we’re not living up to it, but we can, and we should,” Outling said.