NC State House district 58 race: Amos Quick vs. Peter Boykin

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In this You Decide 2018 profile, FOX8 talks with both the Democratic and Republican candidates for North Carolina District 58 House Representative.

For the last two years, Amos Quick (D) has held the title, serving a large chunk of voters, mainly in Greensboro.

“I would like to continue to represent them,” Quick said. “As a Democrat I’m in the super minority so it’s kind of difficult to get bills passed but I’ve been successful in getting 10 bills passed into law and seven passed out of the House.”

Quick is a pastor at a High Point Church and former Guilford County school board member. He say’s his work at the state capital is not done. There are still key issues he’d like to address including education, employment, empowerment and the environment.

Quick supported the teachers that marched for more education funding back in May.

“We need to increase our teacher pay at a greater and faster rate,” Quick said.

Quick also thinks there needs to be more workforce development, giving people the opportunity to re-train for new jobs.

“I certainly believe the state has a role to play providing incentives for a private corporation and for the state itself,” Quick said.

Quick believes the state should make the environment a priority too. He’s concerned about the chemicals in our drinking water, the coal ash in Stokes County and the hog lagoons near the coast.

Quick said if he is elected again, he will work for everyone he represents.

“I work for the voters of District 58,” Quick said.

His opponent, Peter Boykin (R), disagrees.

“He is going straight party line,” Boykin said.

Boykin says he will reach beyond party lines if elected as the District 58 House Representative.

“I’ve been an independent,” Boykin said. “I say myself I’m an independent Republican. I’m in the Republican Party but I actually want to listen to everyone.”

Bokyin said he has two master’s degrees, management skills and is a go-getter. He’s attended multiple rallies in hopes of making America great again and created the organization Gays for Trump.

“I took Gays for Trump from six people to thousands of people,” Boykin said.

Now, he wants to improve our state, starting with things like education. He supports getting more councilors and teachers aids, but his main focus is safety in the classroom.

“I want to make sure we have police presence in the schools,” Boykin said.

Boykin also wants to improve the employment rate and job security. He thinks giving tax breaks to corporations will help do that.

“If you do give a tax break to a job or company or whatever, they can hire more people and then those people actually pay taxes, we get our money back and they bring industry in,” Boykin said.

When it comes to the environment, Boykin believes we need to continue to use some of the traditional resources while pushing for progress in things like solar energy.

Overall, Boykin says he’s not here to please any party. He’s running for the people.

“I want to be somebody people can actually come up to and talk to you for real,” Boykin said. “It’s a small district here. It’s very easy for someone to reach out to me, speak to me. I’m going to be here.”

We did ask representative Quick about his opponent, but he declined to comment.

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