NC election officials to contact absentee voters with deficient ballots

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North Carolina elections officials will begin contacting voters whose absentee ballots were not properly completed.

The process to cure ballots was put on hold on Oct. 4 due to pending litigation.

“97% of voters who used absentee vote by mail have done so without difficulty, but 97%, while it is an A+, is not good enough for us in the election community,” said State Board of Elections Chair Damon Circosta. “We need to make sure we’re taking every effort possible to reach voters who have some sort of deficiency in their absentee return, and they can exercise their right to vote.”

In Guilford County, 821 ballots are marked “pending cure” or “witness information incomplete.” In Forsyth County, 310 ballots are similarly marked.

Officials will now call or email voters with ballot deficiencies to let them know what’s needed.

Voter David Adams said he was notified several weeks ago there was an issue with his absentee vote.

“They noticed there was no address provided. They didn’t tell me what it was. They just said there was a discrepancy,” he said Tuesday.

Adams received several calls informing him of the issue. Another couple told FOX8 they were contacted and chose to vote in person instead or remedying their absentee vote.

“We’re lucky in that we still have 14 days until the election, and they’re working very hard to reach out to voters who may need a cure affidavit or a new ballot,” Circosta said.

With early voting in full swing, and plenty of people still dropping off ballots to be counted, Adams urged others to be cautious when filling them out.

“Make sure every blank is completed, every i is dotted, every t is crossed,” he said.

Statewide, between 7,000 and 10,000 ballots were marked deficient.

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