CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Millions of dollars are being spent to win your vote. 

The North Carolina Senate race between Cheri Beasley and Congressman Ted Budd is one of the hottest Senate races in the country. 

With less than two months until election day, attack ads and millions of dollars from outside the state are flooding into North Carolina.

The Republican’s Senate Leadership Fund spent $3.4 million on ads on behalf of Budd this week. Dr. Susan Roberts with Davidson College says she isn’t surprised; republicans are defending this seat with as much financial backing as it takes.

“I think it means how much the republicans want this seat and, and they see it as crucial to tipping the balance for the senate,” Roberts said.

The Democrat’s Senate Majority Pac spent $700,000 on ads for Cheri Beasley in August.

“I looked on Open Secrets, and right now, it’s about the same amount, in terms of monies from outside the state, that have been spent against the republicans and against the democrats,” Roberts said. “And that’s where money makes a bigger difference if money is spent against someone rather than for the other candidate.”

But is all this money translating in the polls? The most recent poll taken by East Carolina University shows Budd up by three percentage points, 49 to 46, with only 4% of likely voters undecided. Other polls have shown the candidates in a dead tie, with 12% of likely voters still undecided.

“I think it’s like three times a challenger has to spend about three times as much against an incumbent, but then this is an open seat. So you have to spend a lot of money on both sides because it’s going to be very competitive,” Roberts said.

One clear thing is that this will not be a cheap race for anyone involved. Beasley has raised around 16 million dollars, and Budd has gotten about 6 million. 

Where Budd lacks fundraising, he makes up for outside spending on his behalf. 

Data from open secrets shows more than 22 million dollars has been poured into the race in support of Budd from different organizations.

QCN reached out to both Beasley and Budd for responses to this story:

“My campaign is all about economic growth so I’m glad I’ve had such a positive impact for the folks in television ads sales here in NC. But the bad news for Cheri Beasley is that Democrats have a bad message no matter how much money they spend on it. Cheri Beasley has embraced the Joe Biden policies that have given us inflation, supply-chain-shortages, and economic uncertainty. That’s a hard message to sale no matter how much money the put behind it.” -Rep. Ted Budd

“With less than two months until Election Day, Cheri continues to gain momentum, travel to every part of the state and share her commitment to standing up for North Carolinians, while Congressman Budd’s flailing campaign continues to hide from voters. Cheri is committed to continuing to meet voters where they are and to meeting Congressman Budd on the debate stage to show the clear choice in this election: an extreme, out-of-touch Washington insider who has made a career out of championing policies that hurt North Carolina families, or someone who is committed to standing up for our rights and putting the people first – just like she always has.”-Beasley Campaign Representative