RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) – Two candidates for Congress from the Triad have received letters from the Federal Elections Commission telling them to address problems with their campaign finance filings, and one of them says it was all just a timing issue.

Rep. Kathy Manning (D-Greensboro) (Courtesy of US House of Representatives)
Rep. Kathy Manning (D-Greensboro) (Courtesy of US House of Representatives)

Hailey Barringer, spokesperson for Rep. Kathy Manning (D-Greensboro), said the issues first reported by the News & Observer in Raleigh have been handled and were based on donations that weren’t designated for the primary and general elections.

Manning, who represents the 6th Congressional District, and Courtney Geels, the Republican nominee in the 4th District, received letters along with two others with questions about their reports, the N&O reported.

Barringer told WGHP that the problems involving Manning were corrected and would be reflected on the next filing deadline of June 30. She said both of those issues were based on timing.

The N&O said Manning had listed contributions from two donors who twice gave the maximum $2,900 allowed from a single donor in a campaign cycle and $4,000 from the campaign of Rep. Pete Aguilar, a Democrat from California, who is limited to $2,000 for a cycle.

But Barringer said all of these were based on single donations for the Primary Election and another from each for the General Election. “Congressman Aguilar’s campaign actually donated $2,000 pre-primary and $2,000 for the general [election],” Barringer said. “That was just a timing issue.”

She said the same thing happened on the individual donations for Elizabeth Cone and Robert L. Page. “We’ve handled this and responded well within the 60-day deadline [from the FEC],” Barringer said.

Courtney Geels, Republican nominee in 4th Congressional District. (BALLOTPEDIA)

Manning will face Republican Vince Castelli of Pinehurst and Libertarian Thomas Watercott of Greensboro in November in a district that includes Guilford and Rockingham counties, most of Winston-Salem and most of Caswell County.

Geels, a nurse from Durham who will face state Sen. Valerie Foushee (D-Durham) in November to represent a district that includes Alamance County, was cited for providing too little information in the past five months, the N&O reported. The letters cited documentation about expenses and reimbursements.

Geels told the N&O that she would respond to the FEC by the deadline of July 5.

The N&O reported that the FEC sent similar letters to both state Sen. Jeff Jackson, the Democratic nominee in the 14th District, and state Rep. Charles Graham, the nominee in the 7th District.