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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sen. Amy Klobuchar stopped in Greensboro along the campaign trail, the week before Election Day in North Carolina.

Klobuchar held a roundtable on voting rights at the International Civil Rights Museum.

She began her visit by touring the historic lunch counter at Woolworth, known for historic sit-ins in the 1960s, and greeting students who were on a tour of the museum.

“To see that lunch counter and think of those students who wouldn’t give up, and just kept coming back and back and back, until the lunch counter was integrated, and that’s how I feel about voting rights right now, we’re just not going to give up,” Klobuchar said to a crowd in the auditorium.

She talked about the importance of removing barriers for voters and election security from outside influence.

“We’ve worked really hard to put some safeguards in place with funding, I think North Carolina got $10 million from this funding that I worked on, to help with bolstering election equipment, but right now there’s about a dozen states that don’t have paper ballots throughout their state,” Klobuchar said.

When discussing gerrymandering, and North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, Klobuchar pushed for more safeguards in the form of a Voting Rights Act.

“The gerrymandering could be resolved, there’s a bill that we have, that would require independent commissions that a lot of states have, and the US Supreme Court has tended to strike down racial gerrymandering, not so much partisan gerrymandering and that’s why having these commissions would make it so much better,” she said.

Supporters applauded the senator when she pushed for automatic voter registration for 18-year-olds and making Election Day a holiday nationally.

“She is so logical. So in touch with where I am,” said supporter James Bennett. “She’s so reasonable, and so middle of the road I mean she's just a great candidate who can go, anybody can relate to her.”

When asked about Klobuchar’s chances of winning the nomination, supporters told FOX8 they remained hopeful.

“I feel really great about it. I think that she is doing everything she can to get out to people and that she's got a positive message compared to some of the other candidates,” said Karen Jackson, who attended the forum.

She also pointed to Klobuchar’s performance against other candidates during Tuesday’s debate.

“You might’ve recalled from the debate the other evening that she was the only one that was out there talking about why she should be president, as opposed to talking about what other people shouldn’t,” Jackson said.

Klobuchar did not take questions and continued to campaign in Raleigh ahead of a town hall meeting Thursday night.

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