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JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Guilford Technical Community College gave their students the opportunity to meet their potential local leaders through a political meet and greet.

This year’s midterm elections are said to be record-setting for the amount of young voters heading to the polls, so campaign teams are turning it up a notch.

“I just think that people aren’t properly educated on how they should look up candidates and what they’re positions are,” said Eric Diaz, student organizer.

Through text messages, emails and of course the many TV campaign ads, candidates are making sure voters know who or who not to vote for next Tuesday.

“They are more radical and it’s a lot of smearing going on, but the ads have not swayed me,” said Neil Milroy, a student at GTCC.

“If you would attack someone for something that’s personal, family, friends or anything like that; then you shouldn’t be someone that’s in office,” student Walter Brown said.

Bypassing all of the mediums, GTCC made sure their students could get up close and personal with the candidates in their area.

“I definitely think meeting anyone in person you get to know them better, body language, eye contact,” said Milroy.

“Past a picture of someone saying ‘Hey vote for me,’ I want to know someone’s ethics. I want to know that person’s values. I want to know their morals and their reasons behind it all,” Brown said.

With a lot of these students voting for the first time, many said they’re grateful for Guilford Tech bringing that knowledge and information to their own backyard.