GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — As the votes roll in for the Greensboro municipal elections, one candidate is electing not to make any announcements quite yet.

Greensboro Councilman Justin Outling went up against incumbent Nancy Vaughan in the Greensboro mayoral race on Tuesday and right now, Vaughan is projected to win with roughly 43% of the vote to Outling’s 41%.

A representative for Outling’s campaign told FOX8 Wednesday morning that Outling intends to wait for the Guilford County Board of Elections to certify all of the votes, including provisional and absentee ballots, before he will make any campaign-related announcements.

A margin of under 1% between two candidates will trigger a recount in North Carolina, but according to a Guilford County official, right now the difference between Vaughan and Outling is outside of the recount margin, at around 1.3% for the moment. However, they have provisional ballots and mail-in ballots to count, so the margin could further narrow or widen.

Guilford County will certify the election results on Friday, August 5. All five bonds on the ballot passed, which included funding for police facilities, fire stations, parks, outdoor infrastructure and affordable housing.