(WGHP) – The recent drop in temperatures in the Piedmont Triad may have you hoping we’re done with the hot, summer days and feeling excited about the cooler weather to come. 

However, while the Piedmont Triad has been in a cooler pattern, we’re likely not done with the heat yet. 

When do we see the last 90s of the season? 

Temperatures have reached the 90s as late as Oct. 9. The most recent recorded 90° in October was back in 2007. 

On average, the Triad sees its last 90° day by the end of the first week in September. 

Since 1929, the Triad has had its last 90° days in September 54 times. 

When will it feel like fall in the Piedmont Triad? 

Our average high temperatures drop from the upper 80s in August to the low 80s by mid-September.

In October, average high temperatures are in the mid-70s at the start of the month and fall into the upper-60s by Halloween. 

Our average morning temperatures drop from the upper 60s in August to the 50s by late-September. By November, our average morning temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. 

When does fall officially begin? 

The autumn equinox begins on September 22, 2022. However, meteorologists consider meteorological fall to begin Sept. 1 for record-keeping purposes. 

When will the leaves change color? 

Typically, the leaves begin to change color from as early as September through the end of November depending on the area of the country.

In North Carolina, peak fall foliage typically occurs from mid-October to early November. The higher elevations see peak color first, while the trees in the foothills tend to change last.