If you thought Saturday was cold well, get ready to bundle up the rest of the week! 

Temperatures return to the 30s by 8 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday morning temperatures will be in the upper 20s but, it will feel like the low 20s. 

Sunshine will also dominate on Sunday with afternoon highs remaining in the low 40s. 

Weather across the Piedmont Triad

Morning temperatures Monday through Wednesday will be in the mid to upper 20s. Afternoon highs remain in the mid 40s and we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds during the first half of our work week. 

Wednesday night, our pattern begins to change. Cloud cover will increase and rain chances will return. Though morning temperatures will be below freezing the first half of the week, we’ll be above freezing again by Thursday morning. 

Afternoon temperatures will reach the mid 40s Thursday and we’ll see a 60% chance for rain through the day. Since surface temperatures and upper-level temperatures will be above freezing, it looks like we’ll mainly see rainfall Thursday. 

Thursday night, temperatures look to remain above freezing and rainfall chances will continue Thursday night. 

However, data is showing arctic air moving in on Friday. This means that temperatures will likely remain above freezing Friday morning but temperatures are expected to plummet throughout the day. 

Our warmest temperature Friday will occur in the morning with many in the mid to upper 30s around 7 a.m By late morning and mid-day Friday, temperatures will fall below freezing. Any lingering moisture/precipitation will begin to transition from rain to freezing rain or snow. 

It’s too early to determine exactly what kind of precipitation will fall by the end of the week, but since data shows the coldest air arriving by Friday afternoon, if moisture is able to linger until then, Friday will be our best chance to see winter weather. 

Afternoon temperatures Friday look to be in the low 20s. By Saturday morning, temperatures will be in the teens with afternoon temperatures remaining in the 20s.