GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — For some, holiday travel has been smooth. For others, there have been some bumps in the road.

Hundreds of thousands of people were on the roads and in the skies Thursday traveling for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Those driving to their destination said conditions looked good Thursday night. But that wasn’t the case all day. The rain and traffic caused some people to fall behind schedule.

“There’s plenty of wrecks,” said Robert Thornton, who passed through the Piedmont Triad on his way to West Virginia. “The rain. It’s just been crazy.”

The roads were slick and busy two days before Christmas Eve as thousands tried to get a head start on holiday travel.

“Trying to beat the weather, but you didn’t beat the weather today,” Linda Kaiser said. “The weather beat you.”

Kaiser was driving to South Carolina from Virginia. The drive took longer than usual on the rainy day.

“Normally, it takes me six hours to get to Fort Mill,” she said. “I think it’s probably going to take me seven tonight.”

The travel delays aren’t just happening on the roads.

“My original flight out was canceled today…so I had to rebook one, and then I came and finally got to my gate, and it was delayed by two hours, so there were no other flights to my final destination tonight,” Susannah Omundson said.

Omundson spent Thursday afternoon at Piedmont Triad International Airport trying to get to her family in Texas in time for Christmas.

“I have to come back tomorrow morning and hope the weather clears up,” she said.

Some people took the train out of Greensboro to avoid the holiday rush at the airport.

“I have travel anxiety so just knowing that everything is on time and scheduled…makes things a lot easier for me,” said Ashaiah Harris, who took the train to Charlotte.

Others who decided to drive to their destinations were expecting some traffic along the way.

“Some spots are pretty heavy,” Thornton said.

Those who have been on the roads said they think people who plan to travel Friday might have better luck. Their advice is to hit the road early.