HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Across Greensboro, many have experienced harsh winds and heavy rains from remnants of Hurricane Ian Friday night.

Thousands of households have been left in the dark from the downed powerlines and hundreds of trees have either hit homes or blocked roads throughout the day.

Early Friday, a large tree uprooted and toppled on top of a house on the 3100 block of Regents Park Lane, the tree covered the entire home with branches and leaves and even blocked the front door to the home.

Luckily no one was home when the tree fell. Besides the damage to the home, it only damaged the neighbor’s fence.

A good Samaritan and contractor named Joel Joye drove by the home on his way home and saw the house covered with the tree and offered his help to cut some of the branches to make a path for the family to get into the house to assess the damage to their homes.

“Well, the man’s front door’s blocked. He can’t get in his house when he comes home from work or the lady or whoever the folks are. I’m just going to clear a path so they can get in their house assess the damage figure out what the next move is and if they need getting help getting the tree off the roof and getting it tarped up, I’ll be glad to do that too,” said Joye.

He also offered to help tarp the roof to prevent water damage to the home and said with heavy rain like what the Piedmont Triad has experienced, trees are just waiting to tip over.

“A lot of trees are ticking time bombs; they have inherent weaknesses that you can’t see from the outside and it looks like the roots gave way on this one which you know it’s common,” said Joye.