(WGHP) — FOX8 Meteorologist Emily Byrd is unveiling her Winter Weather predictions! She’s the second member of our FOX8 Weather Team to throw her predictions into the ring.

Alex, notorious snow-disliker, predicted a total of nine inches of snow between December and February. Another infamous “Snow Grinch,” Emily says that we won’t even break three inches for the whole season!

Here is her full list of predictions:

Colder or warmer? Emily is predicting slightly above average temperatures through the season, with days that hit extremes, much like Alex predicted on Sunday.

Coldest temperature? 17°

How many inches of snow? Snow Grinch Emily thinks we’ll hit about 2.5 inches of snow for the whole season!

Largest snowfall? 2 inches!

First snow? Jan. 7, but Emily says this is likely not going to be a big snowflake, just enough to get on the books.

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