(WGHP) — FOX8 Meteorologist Alex Schneider is unveiling her Winter Weather predictions! As our newest addition to the Max Weather team, it seems only fitting that she’s the first member of our FOX8 Weather Team to throw her predictions into the ring.

Alex is throwing down the gauntlet, predicting a somewhat snowy winter! She might not be a snow-lover, but after spending some time in Texas, it seems fitting to predict some snow for her first winter back in North Carolina.

Here is her full list of predictions:

Colder or warmer? A slightly above normal winter, temperature-wise, but expect some extremes thrown in there!

Coldest temperature? 14°

How many inches of snow? 9 inches overall

Largest snowfall? 4 inches

First snow? Alex is calling for our first snowfall around January 10. The average date for North Carolina to see snow is usually somewhere in the first week of January, so as much as she’d like a white Christmas, she’s playing it safe with a mid-January call.

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