(WGHP) – We’re kicking off our work week with absolutely delightful weather. 

A high-pressure system will bring dry weather and seasonable temperatures, with a slight warming trend, through Thursday.

What’s coming this weekend?

While our work week looks great weather-wise, we could see our weather do a near-180-degree turn with rain chances and cooler temperatures heading into the weekend. 

The reason for the pattern change is that a non-tropical low-pressure system is forecast to develop off the Florida and Georgia coast on Friday. 

However, there are still some questions about how our weekend weather is going to be shaping up due to the uncertainty in the movement of the low after it forms. 

What could happen?

There’s a potential for the low-pressure system to move into North Carolina on Saturday or for it to remain stationary until Sunday. 

There is also a low chance that the low-pressure system that develops off the Southeast coast could develop some subtropical or tropical characteristics by this weekend.  

This system will bring the next chance of precipitation and breezy conditions, but how much and where it falls is still uncertain. The most likely timing is Friday night into Saturday night. 

What do the models say?

Let’s take a look at how two of the main long-range models show this weekend playing out. 

The European model shows the low-pressure system slightly closer to the North Carolina coast on Friday night than the American model who positions the low off of South Carolina’s coast. 

The American model also shows a better potential for rain chances reaching further inland on Friday night than the European model. This shows some of the discrepancies between what may happen rain-wise for our weekend. 

Either way, the potential is there for increasing rain chances late Friday night into Saturday morning. 

By 10 a.m. Saturday, the two different models show the low remaining either off the North Carolina or South Carolina coast with rain chances extending a little further inland than Friday night. 

Looking at the data from Saturday morning, the chances look slightly higher and models are in closer agreement with rain moving in for Saturday morning from the Triad into eastern North Carolina with better rain chances along the coast. 

With what data is showing, the heaviest of the rain with the low-pressure system looks to remain to our east, near the coast. This is also reflected in the projected rainfall totals over the next 7 days. 

How much rain could we get?

Depending on the track of the low-pressure system, we could see more or less rainfall however, generally, the eastern half of the Piedmont Triad looks to receive more rainfall this weekend. 

Data shows the mountains and foothills receiving less than half an inch of rainfall. 

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How are the temperatures looking?

The increased cloud cover and rain from our weekend system will likely keep temperatures cooler from Friday through the weekend. 

Normal temperatures for the second to last weekend in September are in the upper 70s and we’ll generally be in the low to mid 70s this weekend. 

Saturday looks to be the coolest day due to higher rain chances and increased cloud cover compared to the other three days.