(WGHP) – The early onset to spring-like temperatures is leaving allergy sufferers with watery eyes and runny noses. 

Both January and February have been warmer-than-normal in the Triad and across the majority of North Carolina. 

In January, the Triad recorded seven days above 60 degrees and so far, February has had nine days in the 60s. We have even reached the 70s four times this month. 

These temperatures are what we normally see in late March and late April. 

Thursday’s forecast high temperature is in the upper 70s and low 80s, which are temperatures we don’t normally see until the end of May. 

With the spring-like temperatures comes the “awakening” of plants and trees as we leave the colder temperatures behind and head into the growing season. 

It feels earlier than normal because it is! 

So far, nearly the entire state of North Carolina is seeing the spring “first leaf” two to three weeks earlier than usual. 

As the trees and plants begin to awaken from their winter slumber, what some call “The Pollening” begins.

The result has been high tree pollen in the Triad. While grass and weed levels remain low, tree pollen has been in the medium to very high range over the past week. 

For those with springtime allergies, relief doesn’t look likely for the remainder of this week. 

On Thursday, as temperatures climb near 80 degrees and gusty winds mix the air around, tree pollen will be very high. 

As temperatures drop slightly and winds weaken on Friday, tree pollen drops to high levels.

The good news is by Saturday, pollen levels drop to moderate! This is because a cold front will allow temperatures to fall into the upper 40s and low 50s on Saturday afternoon. 

Temperatures return to the 60s into next week which likely means tree pollen will remain in the moderate to very high range into the beginning of March.