(WGHP) – Have you turned your heat on yet? Our mid-week cold snap can be your reasoning!

Temperatures dropped below freezing Wednesday morning in the Piedmont Triad, and the freezing mornings this week are not done yet.

An early week cold front brought record-breaking cold to the Southeast Wednesday morning, and the cold snap is expected to continue through Thursday. 

On Tuesday morning, PTI Airport recorded our first 30s of the season and the lowest morning temperature we’ve seen since April 20. 

By Wednesday morning, temperatures fell even more. Several Triad cities dropped below freezing with temperatures ranging from the mid-20s to the mid-30s. 

Piedmont Triad International Airport recorded a temperature of 31 degrees Wednesday morning which was two degrees colder than the temperature observed at Chicago O’Hare Airport of 33 degrees.

The coldest spots in the continental U.S. Wednesday morning were in Iowa and Minnesota. Le Mars, Sheldon, and Sibley reported a low temperature of 10 degrees. Sabin, Minnesota also reported a temperature of 10 degrees. 

One of the reasons for the colder temperatures this week has to do with high pressure over the Plains and the Mississippi Valley. 

The combination of the building high pressure with the departing early-week cold front off the East Coast is maintaining northerly winds for the eastern half of the country. 

The cold air is being blown in from the north and the cold setup will allow for potential record-high temperatures across the Florida peninsula and record-low temperatures for much of the Southeast Wednesday night. 

Clear skies over much of the eastern United States, including the Piedmont Triad, will allow temperatures to drop to near or below freezing by Thursday morning. 

Numerous cities in the Southeast and central Gulf Coast will likely experience their first freeze of the season with this cold setup which will impact sensitive crops and livestock. 

Freeze warnings and frost advisories remain in effect from Mississippi to Ohio and along the East Coast. 

The Triad is no longer under a freeze watch or warning, since this won’t be our first freeze of the season. However, temperatures are still expected to drop near or below freezing overnight Wednesday into Thursday morning. 

Cold temperatures are not the only thing breaking records. In the midwest, a low-pressure system moved across the Great Lakes and produced snow! 

Marquette, Michigan smashed their record for most two-day snow in October. From Oct. 17 to Oct. 18, Marquette observed 18 inches of snowfall, breaking the previous two-day October snowfall record by 5 inches. 

Looking ahead to the weekend 

Not a fan of the early winter-like temperatures? Well, the good news is it is not going to stick around for long. 

By the end of the week and into the weekend, morning temperatures are forecast to return to the 40s with afternoon temperatures returning to the 60s. 

By the start of next week, morning temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s with afternoon temperatures reaching the mid-70s by Tuesday afternoon.