(WGHP) – Get the bathing suits out and call your friends. We’re talking pool weather in February! 

February has already been warm with 15 out of 20 days recording above-normal temperatures. This week, we’re looking at possible record-breaking temperatures as afternoon highs flirt with the low 80s. 

Thursday’s current record temperature is 74 degrees which was set in 2017. This Thursday, the forecast high is 80 degrees which means we will likely shatter the previous record. 

When was the last 80 degree day in the Triad? 

The last time temperatures reached the 80s in the Triad was November 7, 2022 with a temperature of 82 degrees. 

Not only was November 7 nearly 20 degrees warmer than normal for the date, but it was also a record setting temperature. The previous record was 78 degrees set in 1938. In 2022, we broke the record by four degrees. 

How often do we see 80 degree days in February? 

Thursday’s high temperature will likely also be noteworthy for the month of February. 

The Triad has recorded only four 80 degree days in February on record. Thursday would add a fifth day for the month. 

If Thursday’s high temperature is warmer than 81 degrees, we would set the record for warmest day in February on record. 

Thursday’s normal high temperature is 56 degrees. A high temperature in the 80s would put us nearly 25 degrees above-normal for February. Temperatures in the 80s are considered “normal” in the Triad by late May.

Why has it been so warm? 

One of the reasons for the warmer temperatures in January and February has been a strong ridge over the eastern half of the United States. The arrows in the image above represent the position of the jet stream which has a huge impact on weather. 

When the jet stream lifts further north, we see temperatures well above normal and when there’s a dip in the jet stream, like what is occurring over the west coast this week, temperatures typically drop below normal. 

The strong upper-level ridge will allow for possible record-breaking temperatures, not only in the Triad, but in the entire southeastern United States. 

 Looking ahead

According to the temperature outlook released by the Climate Prediction Center, the pattern heading into the first few days of March looks like much of the South and the Southeast will see temperatures remain above normal. 

Normal temperatures in the Triad at the end of February are typically in the mid-50s. This means we’ll likely see high temperatures near the 60s and 70s through March 6.