(WGHP) – We are officially one week into November but so far it has felt much more like late summer. The Triad has already seen two days this month with record-high temperatures. 

Record temperatures in North Carolina

In the Triad, the first seven days of the month have been “above-normal” with highs in the 70s and even reaching the 80s. 

On Saturday, Nov. 5, the Piedmont Triad International airport recorded a high temperature of 79 degrees which set a new record high for that date. 

Two days later, Monday, Nov. 7, another record high temperature was broken. The previous record high temperature was 78 degrees set on Nov. 7, 1938. At the airport, a temperature of 82 degrees was recorded, smashing the previous record by four degrees! 

The Triad was not the only place in the state to break record temperatures on Monday. Record high temperatures were also recorded in Fayetteville, Raleigh/Durham and Charlotte. 

While Asheville did not technically break the record high Monday, they tied their previous record of 76 degrees. 

Fayetteville shattered their previous record of 81 degrees set in 1975 with a high temperature of 86 degrees. Raleigh smashed their previous record by four degrees with a high temperature of 84 degrees. The previous record was 80 degrees set in 2008. 

Record temperatures across the country

North Carolina was not the only state to see record-breaking November temperatures. Several cities along the East Coast and even into the deep south recorded temperatures 15 to 25 degrees warmer than normal. 

In Louisiana, Baton Rouge broke their previous record set in 1919 by two degrees with a high of 88. New Orleans shattered their previous record of 86 degrees set in 1986 with a high temperature of 90 degrees. 

In Florida, Pensacola recorded a high temperature of 85 degrees, breaking the previous record of 83 degrees set in 1975 and 2005. 

In Alabama, Mobile reached a high temperature of 86 degrees which broke the previous record set in 1935 by one degree. 

Other states that saw record-breaking high temperatures include Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. 

Why has it been so warm? 

One of the reasons we have seen warm temperatures to kick off November is because of a summer-like zone of high pressure, sometimes called a heat dome. 

Throughout the first week of November, the high-pressure system was dominant over the east coast and continued to strengthen over the first weekend of the month. 

The reason for the strengthening of the system had to do with a big dip in the jet stream to its west and the development of Tropical Storm Nicole located just north of the Caribbean. 

The combination of the jet stream and the tropical system also led to an increase in moisture over the same areas where the heat dome was intensifying, which kept temperatures high even during the overnight hours. 

When can we expect colder temperatures? 

After a warm start to November, a big pattern change is on the way for the Triad. 

The pattern change comes at the end of the work week and into the second weekend of November. Tropical Storm Nicole will arrive as early as late Thursday night bringing strong winds and heavy rainfall across the state through early Saturday morning.

Following the tropical system on Friday, a cold front will push into the region Saturday which will help push any remaining moisture from Nicole out of the Triad. It will also bring a very large drop in temperatures. 

On Monday, Nov. 7, record-breaking temperatures were seen across the area with highs in the low 80s. The strong cold front will drop temperatures by over 30 degrees in one week. By next Monday, Nov. 14, high temperatures will fall into the upper 40s in the Triad. 

The cold front won’t just impact the start of next week. The cold air behind the front is expected to stick around through the remainder of mid-November. 

Temperatures from Nov. 14 through Nov. 21 show signs of being approximately 10 to 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. 

That means for the week before Thanksgiving, morning lows will be in the 20s and 30s and high temperatures will likely be in the 40s and low 50s.