(WGHP) — FOX8 Meteorologist Charles Ewing is unveiling his Winter Weather predictions! He’s the third on the FOX8 Weather Team to drop his forecast.

While Charles would prefer we skip the snow this time around, he is forecasting more flakes than normal and some bitter-cold temperatures.

Here are Charles Ewing’s predictions:

The Weather Center’s outlook is based on a strong El Niño this winter.  

My breakdown, December will probably see normal temperatures. That means highs on average will be in the lower 50s and lows on average will be in the lower 30s.

I think we should turn colder in January and February. Our lowest temperature will be 10 degrees. First snow, Jan. 5. The Piedmont’s biggest snow event will be 6 inches. For the winter season, December to February, we will get 10 inches of snow.

Colder or warmer? He’s predicting a normal December followed by a colder-than-normal January and February

Coldest temperature? 10°

How many inches of snow? 10 inches for the whole season.

Largest snowfall? 6 inches

First snow? Jan. 5, just one day after Alex’s prediction of Jan. 4

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