(WGHP) — Based on our history, we are now in the middle of the most likely time to experience tornadoes here in the Piedmont Triad and North Carolina. 

The most active period for the strongest and most tornadoes is from the 3rd week of March to the 3rd week of May. This two-month window is one where I am always looking closely.  

We get more thunderstorms with damaging winds later in May through August, but it is during the spring when we still have dips in the jet stream that bring more wind energy into our atmosphere. Once we get into summer, the jet stream retreats into Canada, and that factor is no longer present and the tornado threat lowers, but we often see more intense lightning in storms due to the heat energy along with damaging straight-line winds.

Many have heard of tornado alley in the Plains states where many storm chasers go to capture videos of these monsters. People also often hear about Dixie Alley where some of the most powerful and deadly tornados hit the Gulf Coast region. Less know about the other two. 

There is Hoosier Alley in and around Indiana where there have been many destructive tornadoes. But the Carolinas’ have their own: Carolina Alley. 

That is found in Eastern North Carolina near Interstate 95 where we have the highest number of tornadoes in our state. 

We get our highest number of tornadoes in April, an average of six, and that is followed by five in May and again in September. The higher number in September is due to tropical weather bringing weaker tornadoes. 

Our most common time to see a tornado is between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m., especially 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Even though nighttime tornadoes are less common, they are more deadly as people are often caught by surprise or asleep. 

As always, I recommend a good weather radio.