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(WGHP) — Winter is coming to the Piedmont Triad!

As the models have solidified for the imminent winter weather, we now have a better idea of when, where and how much snow and ice we can expect over the weekend.

Meteorologist Emily Byrd says that snow totals will range from four to eight inches from the Triad to points northwest. The mountains can expect a higher snowfall total, maybe even up to 12 inches.

Folks south and east of the Triad can expect two to four inches with the potential for up to a quarter-inch of ice.

So what can we expect weather-wise through the whole weekend?


This may be the last good day to go out and do your emergency shopping. Stock up on batteries, matches, water and non-perishable foods. If you can hunt down any rock salt or other ice melt-type products, it may be worth having as well, especially if you know you’ll be leaving the house Sunday or Monday.

Expect a sunny day with a high in the low 50s for most of the Piedmont Triad.


Clouds start to move in on Saturday morning, with the high temperature dropping to around 40.

Isolated snow showers can be expected in the west along the Blue Ridge Mountains in the afternoon, but the significant weather won’t be moving in until Sunday.

Charge your devices and make sure your flashlights, wireless chargers and candles are all in a central location.

If you haven’t already, definitely apply rock salt (or your preferred ice melt) to your stairs or walkways.

It’s also helpful to your USPS or other delivery drivers if you put down ice melt near your mailbox or wherever your packages are delivered.

Saturday remains cloudy, cold but otherwise clear.


Midnight to noon

Snow begins moving in from west to east in the early morning hours on Sunday, probably around 3 a.m.

It’ll remain snowy, especially in the Triad and points northwest, for a good chunk of the morning. It might be the right time for a snowball fight or a walk around the neighborhood.

Noon to 6 p.m.

The snow will begin to turn into a snow/sleet mix as the afternoon progresses, especially to the south and east of the Triad. The northwestern counties can expect more snow than ice, however.

In the late afternoon to early evening, the snow/sleet mix will change into a sleet/freezing rain mix.

Hunker down in the house and enjoy the snow with some blankets, something warm to drink and maybe some soup.

Soup is pretty much the best snow food, right?

6 p.m. to midnight

Expect the sleety mix to change back into snow in the evening and into the night on Sunday.

Watch the snow from in front of the fireplace and if you can stay inside and not go anywhere, definitely stay inside.

Icy buildups on tree limbs and powerlines could impact electricity for people across the Piedmont Triad.

The snowfall should come to a stop either late Sunday night or early Monday morning, just past midnight.


While the snow and freezing rain aren’t expected to extend their stay into Monday, early morning lows in the 20s mean it’s likely the snow and ice will stick around.

The sunshine will come out for the afternoon, with a high in the upper 30s.

Expect thawing and refreezing in the early parts of the week, which could snarl the morning commute. Even if it’s no longer snowing, it’s important to be cautious of icy patches and unplowed roads.

Stay safe and warm out there!