Winston-Salem officials working to determine if city is responsible for fallen tree cleanup on Pennsylvania Avenue

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A tree fell across Pennsylvania Avenue in Winston-Salem on Thursday afternoon as freezing rain continues to move through the Piedmont.

Vegetation management staff are measuring to establish where the right of way is and the area the city is responsible for, according to the City of Winston-Salem.

Freezing rain fell throughout the morning across the Piedmont with amounts ranging from over 1/4″ across the north to between a light glaze and 1/10″ across the south.

We did indeed get the lull in precipitation we talked about last night and that helped temperatures ease back to just above 32 at most locations.

Even the reports of 32 are likely 32.1 to 32.4, as the reports from the airport went over to rain and not freezing rain at noon.

Through the afternoon into early evening, temperatures will hover between 32 and 34 at most locations. This means little if any additional accrual through this time period.

There is still going to be another round of precipitation tonight over the eastern half of the state and patches of this will make it back to the Triad and eastern Piedmont.

Temperatures should ease back to between 31 and 32 overnight and some of this light precipitation will again become freezing rain.

Amounts will be limited by the light intensity and temperatures being closer to 32 than 30.

At colder temperatures, more of the precipitation freezes on contact. At 32, it is more marginal and more of it falls to the ground before it can freeze.

With this in mind, additional icing will be a glaze to near 1/10″. Total amounts on trees may not get any worse due to what fell this morning partially melting already.

We still expect some additional power outages, but not nearly as many as we would have gotten without the lull today.

This patchy light precipitation will continue through the night until mid-morning tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we will start to see a few breaks in the clouds. After a low of 31, we will head back to 44 tomorrow afternoon.

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