(WGHP) — There’s an “enhanced” risk of severe weather in the Triad on Friday.

This means we’re at risk of seeing hail, damaging winds and even tornados.

Meteorologist Emily Byrd said that the severe weather will start to come through in the early evening. The entire Piedmont Triad is at risk of seeing this bad weather, with some areas seeing slightly heightened risks.

But when can we expect the bad weather to come in?


While there may be some rain in the Piedmont Triad throughout the morning, these will be non-severe.


Storms begin to strengthen around 3 p.m., with the chance for large hail, wind gusts in excess of 55 mph and the chance for tornadoes. The storms will develop in the foothills and mountains and move east, so the western counties will see the storms earlier than the eastern counties.

Severe outlook for Friday, 5/6

Early evening

Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. is the greatest threat in the Triad. The chances for damaging winds, tornadoes and hail will increase. Keep your phone charged or your weather radio handy so you can be aware of any active alerts and warnings.

The FOX8 app will keep you up to date, as will our breaking weather email alerts.

Stay fresh on the difference between and watch and a warning and make sure everyone in your family knows your severe weather plan. Keep batteries, flashlights and candles handy if you lose power, and remove anything on the exterior of your house that could be easily blown over and damaged.