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Déjà vu? Just a little.

Some of you may recall in 1992, Frank Deal (WGHP Meteorologist, 1969-96) and I were talking about a big snow storm that hit our Mountains in May. Actually May 7-9, a cut-off low dropped heavy snow over the highest mountains in North Carolina. Mainly above 4,000 feet and especially above 5,000 feet. We had a record 60 inches of snow fall on Mt. Pisgah, (5,722 ft) which is just SW of Asheville. That number has been disputed by some and others feel may be closer to 50 inches. Either way, that is a lot of snow, especially for May in North Carolina. Someone even brought a cooler of the snow back from the mountain to the TV station and Frank and I had a snowball fight on the 5 p.m. news that I will never forget.

During that slow moving storm, 30 inches also fell on top of Mt. Mitchell (6,684 ft). At the same time, the city of Asheville only a short drive from both Mt. Mitchell and Mt Pisgah, had 3 inches of rain, mixed with a little snow at times. Asheville is only 2,133 feet high and that made a big difference.

With these upper lows (cut-off lows), it is all about elevation. Over the next few days, we are going to again get some May snow on the highest mountain tops. Just not as much this time. I think amounts between 2 and 4 inches will be common above 5,000 feet with a few spots possibly getting more closer to the 6,000-foot level.