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If you are a fan of hot weather, this is your week.   For the rest of us, we need to be sure to have a cool place to go.   Also, you will need to limit activity outside, take more breaks and be sure to drink plenty of water.

If the current forecast works out, we should hit 90 degrees or hotter for at least 8 consecutive days.   The worst of the heat should be between Wednesday and Friday when much of the Triad will be in the mid 90s.   The heat index will head to near 100 for much of the week.

Last year we caught a break with only 11 days reaching 90 degrees which was well below the normal of 30 days.   We also never had a stretch longer than 4 consecutive days with such heat.  This year we are not going to be so lucky.

The last time we had a week as hot as this one should be was actually for more than a week.    From June 28-July 9th we hit 90 or hotter for 12 straight days.   We actually hit 100 twice, the hottest was 102 on June 29th.   Notice on the map below that during that heat wave, Moore county had a high of 108°.   That mark was only 2 degrees shy of the hottest ever recorded in NC.     Our 102° was 2 degrees below our highest on record here in the Triad.   We reached 104° on June 12, 1914 and again on July 27, 1914.

Highest Temp 2012 Heat Wave

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