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RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) — The high heat continues today and the National Weather Service out of Raleigh is warning it could be dangerous.

Temperatures across the central part of the state will be in the mid-90s for the day, and high humidity values will drive the heat index up over 100. The NWS has issued a Heat Advisory for much of the central part of the state.

The NWS warns that prolonged exposure to the heat could lead to dehydration and other heat-related health concerns.

Stay hydrated and, if possible, limit time outdoors. Check on your pets frequently, as well. If you’re walking your dog, avoid asphalt or concrete and stick to grassy areas to avoid burning their paw pads.

Heat exhaustion is a very real threat in these high temperatures, so it’s important to know the signs: feeling dizzy, sweating excessively, being nauseous or having muscle cramps are signs that you need to get into a cooler place. If you can take a cool shower or drink water, that can also help alleviate symptoms.

Heat stroke is an even more serious threat of prolonged exposure to these triple-digit temperatures. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know is experiencing a throbbing headache, dry skin that’s hot to the touch, has stopped sweating entirely, is vomiting or losing consciousness.

Wear sunscreen and light, cool clothing if at all possible.

There is a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, which may help to bring the temperature down a few degrees.