(WGHP) — Severe weather could be on the horizon for the Triad on Tuesday amid scorching temperatures.

The severe weather outlook has increased as storms move into the area in the morning. Storms already rolled through the area late Monday night into early Tuesday morning, and another round will move into the area.

The greatest threat from the storms as they pop up will be damaging winds. However, it’s not the only threat to look out for today. Our hot, hot high temperatures will be persisting, with a high in the upper 90s and the muggy, stormy weather bringing the heat indices up to 107 in some places.

If you must be out and about in the heat, keep water nearby and plan frequent breaks. If heavy rains come down, avoid puddling on the roads and take down things that could be damaged by high winds.

Even in wet conditions, heat exhaustion or heatstroke could be a threat, so be mindful of your body as you venture out on a very severe day.