Here’s the latest from Van Denton on the chance for snow on Friday

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Expect to see rain start after midnight on Thursday with temperatures in the upper 30s.

As the rain falls, temperatures will fall to the mid 30s, and the rain should begin to mix with snow. If it falls hard enough, the air will cool to a point it would all change to snow.

This system has to generate its own cold air, which it has the potential to do. There will not be the typical feed of cold air from the northeast that we often see with our snows.

This has to be generated by the storm itself. The stronger the system, the more precipitation it generates, and the colder the air will become.

So we are watching how the storm itself develops closely.

At this point, we expect snow mixed at times with rain on Friday. Temperatures are likely to hold in the mid 30s but may slip to near 32 at times when the precipitation rates are highest.

It is too early to be confident, but if this plays out, we may be looking at most of the snow on elevated surfaces and grass and the roads being mostly wet.

However, if it comes down hard and fast enough, we could still see slush on the roads even with temperatures above freezing.

Snow sometimes can fall faster than it can melt.

Models are showing averages of two to three inches of snowfall. Again, much of this snowfall will be melting on contact, so our depth may not reach that amount.

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