ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) – The cleanup continues across Rockingham County days after a tornado touched down.

Volunteers from around the state are in Wentworth to help families impacted by the tornado that ripped through the town Friday night.

Three families are without a home and are receiving services from the American Red Cross, according to Rockingham County Emergency Services Director Rodney Cates. 

Dozens of volunteers, some as far away as Raleigh, hauled branches and down trees into large piles.

“We’re just grateful for the help,” said Jacob Kalie, who had downed trees surrounding his home. “There’s no way I could do this by myself.” 

The debris scattered in yards and driveways was left behind by the EF-1 tornado, according to National Weather Service forecasters. They confirmed the twister traveled almost eight miles with 110 miles per hour winds. At one point, it was 300 yards wide. 

“It was just the feeling of disbelief. I couldn’t even wrap my head around it. I’d never seen anything like this in my life,” Kalie said. “It’s going to take weeks, months to get everything back to normal.”

Kalie was lucky as the snapped trees dodged his house on Roberson Lane.

“We’re just surprised at how big the trees are that came down,” Kalie said. “They’re huge.” 

Kalie’s neighborhood was one of four neighborhoods hit the hardest. 

Emergency services officials identified the twister rolled through Roberson Lane, Sunset View Road, County Home Road and Wentworth Street. 

Volunteer crews are focused on those areas. 

“Whenever there’s a disaster, North Carolina Baptist Men will be there,” said Keith Brewer, a volunteer with N.C. Baptists on Mission.

Brewer lives near where the tornado touched down. He rushed to help. 

A team of six helped chop wood and used a skid steer to pile up the brush at Kalie’s home. 

“I’ve never felt so blessed in my life,” Kalie said. “The community just coming together and helping in the name of Jesus and wanting nothing in return.” 

Altogether, 40 volunteers from Baptists on Mission spent Monday clearing out trees and picking up debris scattered at five homes in Wentworth. 

“We have a lot of good people here helping out. Even got neighbors helping out,” Brewer said. “Glad to do this in the name of Jesus Christ.” 

Brewer told FOX8 that volunteers will be in the area for as long as there’s a need. Some plan to knock on doors where the tornado touched down throughout the week. 

“After we finish here, we’ll go somewhere else and do the same thing, clean up,” Brewer said. 

Homeowners impacted by the tornado can sign up for help at a temporary office set up at Calvary Baptist Church on N.C. 87 in Reidsville.