(WGHP) — With more snow expected in the Triad, cities and towns are getting maintenance staff ready for more long shifts.

Since last week’s snowfall, public works employees in High Point, Greensboro and Winston-Salem have been working 12-hour shifts salting and plowing the roads. Many crews are understaffed, causing them to pull workers from other departments to cover shifts.

“We are short-staffed, so we cannot fulfill two complete shifts, a day shift and a night shift, so we had to pull folks from about four or five different divisions to come over and help. It does stretch us thin when we have to pull people from different divisions, and those other divisions suffer because they don’t have their full staff or mostly full staff to do what they’re here to do each and every day. So it is taxing.” said Robby Stone, deputy public services director for the City of High Point.

The City of Winston-Salem is experiencing some of the same staffing issues.

“The staffing challenges that we’ve faced were a result of the open positions we have in the department that has the primary responsibility for keeping the roads clear. We’re down approximately 40 positions in that particular department. But as we always do whenever we have an event like this, we will contact our other departments here at the city. Those who have the employees with the skill sets that are needed to operate the equipment, specifically the trucks and the front loaders.” said Randy Britton, community educator for the City of Winston-Salem.

Officials with the City of Greensboro say they have a few people out due to COVID but not enough to impact staffing. The North Carolina Department of Transportation says their staff shortages may cause delays in their responses.

“Like all industries, NCDOT staff and our contractor resources have been impacted by COVID-19 and labor shortages. We may not be able to respond in all areas as quickly as we have in the past, but know that our crews are doing everything they can to get our roads back open and safe again for our drivers. The best thing people can do to help is to stay home and stay safe while our crews get our roads cleared and safe as soon as possible,” said Aaron Moody, with the NCDOT.

Local hardware stores are also preparing for the snow, placing special orders for winter weather supplies after the rush last week. Southside Hardware in High Point received a new shipment of supplies Wednesday. Ice melt was in high demand. They sold out of their entire shipment in less than 30 minutes.

Unexpected back-to-back snowstorms have some stores struggling to keep up with demand for winter weather supplies.

Several big box hardware stores between High Point and Archdale were out of ice melt Wednesday with no clear date on when they would have more.