(WGHP) — Snowplow trucks have been out since Sunday trying to clear all the snow and ice off the roads, but you may wonder why your street isn’t cleared off yet.

Aaron Moody, a spokesperson with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, said crews from the state and local level clear snow and ice from streets based on priority level.

“You generally work from the top down. And once you get the interstates pretty well taken care of, then you know you can move on to the next step,” Moody said.

According to city officials:

Priority 1 – These are emergency service routes and major thoroughfares such as Wendover Avenue, Battleground Avenue and roads connected to hospitals and roads used by city busses.

Priority 2 – Roads with minor traffic, connected to highly traveled roads, and emergency responder buildings and roads with traffic lights.

Priority 3 – Residential roads and roads less traveled

Officials said the goal is to have 90% of Priority 1 cleared within 36 hours of the ending of a winter storm, 75% of Priority 2 within 48 hours and 75% of residential streets drivable within 72 hours.