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(WGHP) — Snow has eluded us so far in this winter season, and it looks unlikely that we’ll wake up to the white stuff Christmas morning.

Hopefully, that fursuit is well ventilated. The low tonight is 45 degrees, which might be a little warmer than the big guy is used to at the North Pole!

It’s also going to be breezy. Tom Britt says we could get wind gusts up to 28 MPH! The reindeer are probably used to the wind, so it’s not going to knock them off course.

The night promises to be clear, so it doesn’t seem like Rudolph will have to light up his nose, either.

All in all, Santa’s flight conditions seem like they’re going to be just fine, so he should be getting to everyone’s houses right on time.

As for tomorrow, when the kids wake up and lay waste to living rooms across the Triad, it’s going to be sunny and the high tomorrow will creep all the way up to 68!

Those new bikes and outdoor toys will definitely get a workout with beautiful weather.