(WGHP) — Grab your water bottle and your sunscreen, because the heat is on.

Meteorologist Emily Byrd says that heat and humidity could push the heat index into the triple digits Monday. Adding to that, there are near-record high temperatures in the forecast for the first part of the work week.

Today, highs will be in the mid-90s and the heat index will make it feel over 100. Highs will soar to the upper 90s on Tuesday and the heat index could get up to 106 degrees.

Highs will stay in the mid-90s throughout the week until a cold front drops south over the weekend, bringing the temperature back to a more normal range.

These high temperatures can be dangerous for vulnerable populations like children, the elderly and pets. Be mindful of concrete and asphalt on exposed paws. Pack lots of water and sunscreen for any outdoor adventures during the week.

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are very real threats as these temperatures climb up high. Stay hydrated and wear cool, well-ventilated clothes if you have to be outside, and if you start to feel feverish, nauseous or dizzy, try to find somewhere cool to rest.