Peel back the crime scene tape as we explore some of the most perplexing criminal cases from North Carolina and the South. In each investigation, the FOX8 news team hunts for answers with exclusive new interviews and evidence. Hear first-person accounts, and see the photos for yourself. Join us as we dust off the old case files with True Crime NC.

A Country Store Killing

Tom Fogleman was a quiet, meticulous and generous man who managed his family’s country store right off a small highway in Alamance County, North Carolina. He ran the kind of store where you could buy most anything with an IOU. So who would brutally attack him, hitting him more than 27 times in the head, leaving him for dead on the floor of his store?

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Who Killed Officer Martin?

It was a late October night in 1996, almost the end of his shift, when he had one more stop to make: a suspicious vehicle on the interstate near his town. It would be the last stop he’d ever make. Greg Martin was a good officer. Why would he make such a crucial mistake that would make it nearly impossible to find his killers?

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Who Killed Grandma Nancy?

A devoted mother and grandmother, Nancy Harvey was the kind of person who would do anything for anyone. She owned and operated Atlanta Car Company, a used-car lot in Davidson County, N.C., and by all accounts, she was very successful. But on January 25, 2013, an employee arrived to work and found Nancy brutally murdered.

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57 Shots in 90 Seconds: Carroll County Courthouse Shootout

Inside a courtroom on a cold March day in 1912, five lives were lost and seven others were wounded, and it all happened in just a minute and a half. The political drama that led up to the shooting has divided families for generations. The echoes of the gunfire have long since disappeared but the wounds left behind in the quaint little town of Hillsville, Virginia have continued to fester.

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Murder in Pilot Mountain

On Aug. 26, 1980, 14-year-old Ronda Blaylock disappeared shortly after walking out of her high school in Rural Hall, North Carolina. Three days later, Ronda’s partially-clothed body was found in a town called Pilot Mountain. Deputies said she’d been raped and brutally stabbed to death. More than three decades later, seasoned detectives revived the case, and all roads led to a man living mere miles away from the sheriff’s office.

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Deadly Secrets: The Lawson Family Murder

On Christmas Day 1929, a rural North Carolina tobacco farmer brutally murdered six of his children, his wife and then killed himself. The crime made the front page of the New York Times, inspired a hit record and conjured up speculation for generations to come. We delve deep into the events ─ with recently discovered interviews from people who were there that day ─ in hopes of finding answers to this 90-year-old murder mystery.

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Seduced by Satan

His God-given golden locks shaved off, teeth filed to points and face permanently marked with homemade tattoos, he hid in a quaint village in central North Carolina, transforming his mother’s home into a dungeon. Death would soon creep into the charming community he would come to terrorize. The bodies of his victims – kept a mere few feet from where his mother slept would prove to become his undoing.

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Who Killed Jennifer Short?

On August 15, 2002, in the quiet town of Oak Level, Virginia, someone shot and killed Michael and Mary Short in what investigators called an execution style murder. Their daughter 9-year-old Jennifer Short was snatched from her bed, setting off a massive search. Heartbreak 6 weeks later as deputies found her remains 45 minutes away near a North Carolina creek. 17 years later, no suspects, no motive, and no clues. Follow along in this Murrow Award-winning podcast as family members and investigators dig deeper to find the killer.

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