ASHEBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Several new animals have arrived at the North Carolina Zoo since the start of the year, including two large new editions.

The two new bison girls, both about a year and a half old, joined the four females already living out on the prairie habitat.

The young ones are easy to spot because they are significantly smaller compared to adults. The older bison weigh in at close to a thousand pounds.

“The bison are so huge,” Zookeeper Natalie Lowman said. “You wouldn’t think they could move that fast, but they can run up to 35 miles per hour. They can get to moving.”

Zookeepers say adding new animals can be stressful but with these bison, they all got along right from the start.

“The two new girls just followed the rest of the herd like they’ve been out there forever,” Lowman said.

Even the elk that share the habitat instantly accepted the new additions.

“They seem to be fine, like, ‘Oh, there’s two more,'” Lowman said.

Now 14 elk and six bison live out on the prairie, and zookeepers say it gives guests a great experience.

“I personally enjoy it because I love the idea of going to Yellowstone, and it’s like you have Yellowstone out here in North Carolina,” Lowman said. “The prairie habitat is one of my favorites to be on to see the elk, see the bison, and we have a large habitat for them to roam around.”