WINSTON-SALEM, NC (WGHP) — At Brunson Elementary School in Winston-Salem, Jessie Sherrard could be just like any other student.

She likes to draw and create stuff and hang out with her friends, like an average kids.

But she stands out for a reason.

“She is her classroom representative for the student council. Jessie is a leader among her friends,” Assistant Principal Beth Campbell said.

When she ran for Student Council, Jessie said she made a promise that she intends to keep.

“When I first tried out for student council, I made a speech that how I was gonna try to make Brunson a better place,” she said.

So the fourth grader talked to her Mom about it.

“My mom helped me think of ways that I could help out Brunson. And she thought of having a closet for kids,” she said. “Like the closets, are filled with hygiene products just in case kids need it.”

But before their plan could move forward, Jessie and her mom had to meet with the school’s PTA, which made Jessie a little nervous.

“I have stage fright in front of a lot of people. But the people I don’t have stage fright in front of are my classroom.”

But she did what she had to do!

“It’s the best thing and the right thing to do,” she said.

This is how Jessie’s Closet was born. It’s a supply closet located in the office stocked full of items. All of them were donated by Jessie’s family and friends. The best part is that everything you see here is free to anyone who needs it.

For Jessie, it’s the start of a promise fulfilled.

Jessie says she’s always tried to help people, for as long as she’s been at Brunson Elementary. But she says there is more work to do and she will be there leading the way. All because of advice from her mother. 

“My mom, she always tells me it’s better to be a leader than a follower. So that’s what I just try to do.”

Something that her assistant principal isn’t surprised by.

“It’s great to have students like Jessie who realize that life is not the same for everyone and that there are lots of different needs and that they’re open to helping others regardless of their needs. And I think that she’ll make a big impact on other students in our school too,” Campbell said.

For Jessie, that would be just fine. “That makes me feel happy.”