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TRINITY, NC (WGHP) — There is a brand-new greenhouse for horticulture students on the campus of Trinity High School and it’s a big step up from what they had in the past.

Torrie Davis is a senior this year and she remembers the old greenhouse clearly. Says Davis, “We used to have a little red greenhouse right here. And then back there we used to have a soil building, which was a rundown shed. It was a little rough and we had a lean two greenhouse, which was way back there, and it had a tree through it my freshman year.”

But now the students have the newly dedicated Paul Guthrie greenhouse. Guthrie is a former educator who is credited with starting the agriculture program at Trinity and making it so successful.

According to Caroline McKee, the Agriculture teacher,  “It’s a much larger greenhouse than we had here originally. And so, it’s a great learning hands on lab, which I think students need to be ready for those 21st century skills. And by having something like this facility, they are able to see what we’re looking for when it comes to not just facilities in greenhouse management, but also their learning skills that they can take with them and whatever job they learn From.”

Trinity’s horticulture program is one of the largest in the state with three full sized greenhouses and a number of other growing and rooting buildings that can vary with the season.

McKee adds, “We’ve been around for over 35 years. Closer, more so the 40. Um, so we’ve all sort of horticulture and we’ve kind of gone and done the mechanics. We’ve done a little bit of natural resources, so it’s kind of all over the place, but it’s a growing program constantly.”

One that not only operates year-round but teaches the students the value of horticulture in every season. Plus, the new greenhouse is state of the art something the students love.

“It has a lot of new features that some of our other greenhouses may not have,” says Kelsie Hall. “Like you can have over 200 hanging baskets and it will individually water each one.”

Everything is on a timer that can be controlled remotely.

Junior Darrah Anthony says it is making things easier.  “Personally, I love it because it can automatically water for us, and I’ve spent a lot of time on plants,” she says.

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It will definitely help when the FFA is getting ready for its biggest fundraiser of the year, the spring plant sale, which draws hundreds of people.

According to Darrah Anthony, “We’ll be able to have a lot more plants since it’s bigger than the other ones. That’s just more things we can learn about all.”

With the Holiday Poinsettia sale going on now, it will soon be filled with Holiday cheer.