GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) — FFA Day is back at Southeast Guilford High School!

After a pandemic pause, the carnival-like event returned to the school to the delight of many. But this fun has a purpose. It is designed to educate people about all things agriculture. According to the club president, it was bigger than ever.

“This year we kind of wanted to out-show everybody and get as much as we could and it’s a lot better than I think I’ve seen in a while,” said Taylor Martin. “So I’m really excited.”

The club works for months to make this day happen. The planning and setup is a hands-on learning process.

“It is quite a bit of work, but I think it all pays in the end,” says Chase Smith the FFA Vice President. “It’s all worth it to get to introduce a lot of people to agriculture in our community. We got a lot of people up there who own their own businesses in the equipment lot. They promote their business. We’ve had kids get hired from companies up in that lot. It’s really worth it in the long run because it gets a lot of people interested in agriculture and FFA and it really shows them what it’s about.”

“FFA is a great day because we get a chance to show our student population, which I think is about 1200 students, just what agriculture is and what we do in FFA. It’s the biggest day of the year that we have, and we just love to show it and share it with everybody else,” adds Martin.

From animals like horses, goats and even baby emus, to farm equipment and employment opportunities after graduation there’s a lot to see and do. The day is also an opportunity to raise money for other school clubs and organizations. Students operate fundraising booths of their own.

Isabella Pore helped in the theater booth. “I think it’s so much fun because like in theater, we don’t get a lot of money. So being able to make money through a really fun day is just so amazing to me.”

The cheerleaders agree. They are raising money for new uniforms and their travel for the upcoming season. Lots to do and see, but all with a message.

“My favorite part today is just seeing everybody together. Seeing the crowd of people was kind of chaotic,” says Martin. “I love it because everybody’s here and if they know it or not, they’re supporting agriculture just by being here.”