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GREENSBORO, N.C. — It is a busy morning at General Greene Elementary School, and this is before classes begin.

There’s always a morning rush when it’s “Candy Cane Notes” week.

For the last nine years, members of the school’s student council have gathered in the mornings for one week in December and sold notes attached to candy canes as a fundraiser. Fifty cents per delivered candy cane — or $10 for an entire class.

It’s a wonderful way to build self-esteem among the students.

“It gets people excited because they actually get candy canes and candy cane notes from their friends and sometimes people who they don’t even know,” said 5th grader Madison Atkins.

The money raised also goes back into the school fund to help families in the school who might be down on their luck.

From coats and gloves to school supplies and Christmas surprises, the money is put to good use.