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SOPHIA, N.C. — Tucked inside New Market Elementary School is a world of technology and students are exploring all of it they can.

“Technology is such a huge part of our world today, and so we really think that it’s important, especially at this young age, to start exposing them to all different kinds of technologies so that they are ready when they get older to have a future of creativity and critical thinking, because those are the jobs that they are going to be going for,” Betsey Altman, the technology teacher, said. “And so when we build those at this young age, they’re only going to progress and learn more as they get older.”

The students are all in.

This is the type of learning their teachers say keeps them engaged, especially when it comes to solving real-world problems.

One group of students is trying to design a 3-D prosthesis for a teacher’s dog who is missing a paw, while another group of students is putting together the school’s yearbook online.

Other students use the computers to do classwork and explore science.

Altman says the students make the most of the technology the school has.

“They make me really proud,” she said. “I love to just stand back and watch what they can do.”