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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) – The wine selection at Zeto Wine Shop on Battleground Avenue may not be as extensive as you see in other stores, but each bottle is special

“We like to focus on small family-owned businesses. What we call non-manufacture low intervention wine. So, this means that wines that are grapes are grown and produced mostly without chemicals pesticides,” said Su Peterson, Co-Owner of Zeto Wine Shop.

Whether you like red or white wine or a bold or light bottle, Su Peterson and her business partner can find you the perfect match for your palate.

“We can tell you about every wine that’s in here.  We taste most of the wines here so we can describe them and maybe if you don’t recognize a brand or something we can match you up with a wine that would be similar to what you’re drinking,” said Peterson.

Since 1999, Zeto’s in Greensboro has been uncorking some of the best wines from around the world.

“We have these automatic wine dispensing machines. So, you can come in and taste wine and get a glass of wine and sit on our patio. We will promote that more as we go through the winter and come back to the spring,” said Peterson.

You will get flavors you can’t find anywhere else and a mix of wines at all price points.

“People think because we’re a small independently owned store that everything‘s going to be expensive when they come in, but we have lines that start at $7.99 and go up to $299,” said Peterson.

They also seem to stay ahead of what customers want.

“A lot of people want natural wine organic wine. I’ve been doing that way before it was trendy,” said Peterson.

And offer a lot more than just wine to the customers they consider family.

“We do wines.  We do cheeses.  We do different baskets. We install wine cellars. We do corporate gifts, any kind of wine storage. We’re just pretty much here to help customers learn and educate them on wine, but in an easy comfortable way,” said Peterson.

Here’s a fun fact about the name Zeto, it’s a Greek word and it’s a toast.  It means live long live. 

The ladies that own Zeto’s are both of Greek descent which is why they picked the name.

The business is open Monday through Saturday. You can visit their website.

They do deliver.