KING, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s the sweetest time of year for the Robertson family, who grow and sell fruits and vegetables from their family farm.

“You can’t buy these strawberries in a grocery store, and they are only here for six weeks out of the whole year,” April Robertson said. “We truly are farm to table. We are picking it out of our fields, putting it in our boxes and bringing it to the stand for the customer to get it and take it home.”

In just a few weeks, you’ll find people lined up to take home strawberries.

“I’ve always been on the farm,” said April’s husband Steven, whose family has farmed this land for generations. “In 2015, God told me to stop growing tobacco.”

Today, he grows seasonal produce with strawberries coming in daily now.

The seeds of farm life have already been planted in his kids who once played in the soil and now help work the land.

“I just like to watch things grow,” said Steven’s son Colby. “I enjoy putting the seed in the ground and watching things grow.”

Colby helps work the fields while his sister Abby works the stand.

“Colby loves working with tractors. Abby likes working up here in the public,” April said. “It just warms my heart, and I hope they stay on the farm.”

Robertson Family Farm is located on Mountain View Road in King.

Follow them to learn when the strawberries will be ready to pick this season.