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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. – Time does not stand still in Seagrove. Tuesday residents came out to see the town’s old train depot station moved back into town.

“This is another attempt to bring Seagrove up into the 21st century, by bringing a piece of history that’s been away for 50 years, ” said Mayor David Fernandez. “We hope it will be the place for people to visit.”

The depot was first moved out of town in the 1960s in an effort to save it from being demolished.

“They were going to tear it down and so mom and dad worked to save it,” said Walt Auman whose late parents, Walter and Dorthey Auman, relocated the depot being their pottery studio north of town. “I was 15 when they moved it.”

Walt says his parents would be thrilled to know the old building is back in town where town leaders plan to convert it to a museum of the area’s rich pottery history.

“Good to see it back home,” said Walt.