WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — For 35 years, the Root Beer Truck has been a popular stop for fairgoers at the Carolina Classic Fair. 

For each of those years, Gail and Grant Simons in their red and white stripe shirts have been serving up the root beer, but that’s not all they are celebrating this year.

“We will have been married 65 years on Thanksgiving Day,” Gail said. “Long time to put up with the same person.”

The two first met when Grant stopped in Gail’s family’s restaurant where root beer was on tap and her dad ran the Red Truck Root Beer Stand.

“I fell in love with her, the root beer and that truck,” Grant said. “It has 85 horsepower, flathead engine, and it runs smoothly.”

In addition to keeping it running smoothly, the two know how to keep a marriage running smoothly.

“Keep your thoughts in your mind … before you say them,” she said. “Because once you said them, you can’t take them back.”

With them both in their 80s, the couple credits traveling and serving up root beer for their longevity and health. 

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“I don’t like sitting at home all the time,” Grant said. “That’s boring.”

Root beer and honest words are what keep like sweet for the Simons.

You can find the Root Beer Truck near the entrance of the Village of Yesterday.