ASHEBORO, N.C. — More than four hundred images of veterans hang on the walls of Jed`s Bar-B-Que. 

“Anyone who’s willing to give up this portion of their life to serve their country deserves our respect,” owner Danny Garner said.

The collection started with one veteran’s story. 

“Boyd Allred and his brother … ate with us every day, and we honored them, and I said … I’m going to put your picture up,” Garner said.

That was about 10 years ago and has ballooned to fill an entire room.

“Next thing we know, we’ve got over four hundred pictures … more importantly, we got over 430 stories,” Garner said. “We got a lot of veterans who came in here … that didn’t talk about it much until the pictures started going up.”

Garner calls the section of his restaurant the freedom room.

“These are 90-year-old men that are looking back at their 20-year-old pictures, and they are remembering,” he said. “All these freedoms that we take for granted are because of people like this sacrificed portions of their lives, and for some, everything.”